Native Azalea

Georgia State Wildflower


Native azalea wildflowers in Georgia

Native azaleas; spring in Georgia.  Photo by John Tracy/Flickr (Use Permitted with Attribution).

Official State Wildflower of Georgia

Georgia designated azalea as the official state wild flower in 1979. In 2013 the Act was amended to specify native azaleas (Rhododendron sp.), collectively, as the Georgia state wild flower (the state flower of Georgia is the Cherokee rose).

Blooming from March through August, native azaleas are dazzling wildflowers ranging in color from white to yellow, orange, scarlet, crimson, and intermediate shades and blotches. No specific variety of azalea was selected to represent Georgia, but several native varieties are mentioned in the resolution as occurring in every county of the state (including Rhododendron Austrinum, prunifolium, canescens, alabamense, calendulaceum, speciosum, arborescens, and serrulatum). All State Flowers



Azaleas blooming in Callaway Gardens, Georgia; photo by rjcox on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Georgia azaleas in bloom


Azaleas Are Blooming at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA - April 4, 2014