Indiana State Beverage


Glass of water

Glass of water; photo by Dan Goodwin on Flickr (use permitted with attribution / share alike).


Water was designated as the official state beverage of Indiana in 2007. Indiana Senate Resolution:

Whereas, Water makes life possible;

Whereas, Water is the single most vital resource in the world;

Whereas, Our water quality is quite fragile and the responsibility lies with us to protect and restore our precious water resources;

Whereas, Clean water is important to retain the environmental integrity and economic and aesthetic values of Indiana lakes, streams, wetlands, and ground water;

Whereas, Water plays a critical role in securing a healthy and vibrant Indiana society, and clean water must be available for all Hoosiers to enjoy;

Whereas, Water is a vital part of our daily lives and the basic element for a prosperous community;

Whereas, The Clean Water Indiana program is essential for the health of Hoosier citizens;

Whereas, Water is significant in maintaining the wealth of recreational opportunities and natural areas rich in wildlife habitats;

Whereas, Protecting our water resources and improving our quality of life is essential for future generations; and

Whereas, The quality of water we consume should be of the utmost importance to every Hoosier: Therefore,

Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana: That the Indiana Senate declares water to be the official beverage of the Hoosier state.