Fly Eagle, Fly!

Tennessee State Song 9


American bald eagle

American bald eagle (licensed image).

Tennessee's U.S. Bicentennial Song

by James Rogers

Fly Eagle, Fly! by James Rogers was adopted by Tennessee's U.S. bicentennial song in 1976.


Today I saw an eagle flying
His colors they were red and white and blue
Today he looked like he was cyring,
For, where are all the friends that he once knew?


And I said, Fly Eagle, Fly!
Go spread your freedom wings across the sky;
Don't let 'em bring you down, they'll chain you to the ground.
You gotta be strong to travel alone in the sky.
So Fly Eagle Fly! So Fly mighty Eagle fly!

Today I heard the eagle calling.
It echoed from the mountains to the sea;
But, again, the sounds he made were falling
Upon the deafened ears of those not free


Today I saw an eagle flying
Is he headed for the skies He's never known?
Are the freedoms he has left behind him dying?
Will the eagle find another home?