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Museum of Arts and Design

New York Local Landmark

ajay_suresh, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A Manhattan Landmark

There are a nearly limitless number of things that you can do if you take a trip to Manhattan, NY, but you will want to make sure you check the Museum of Arts and Design when you are there. Countless of attraction sites such as Times Square, Central Park and more sit alongside the famous museum! There are also world-class restaurants, shopping centers, and even renowned dentists you can visit on your free time. It’s just a matter of how you plan your vacation to have a complete NY experience.
The experience of going to this museum is something that will help you enjoy the perfect combination of art, design, and craft. This museum takes a focus on how modern artists have worked to create transformative pieces of artwork for all to enjoy.

Exploring Challenging Ideas

One of the nicest things about how the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) presents its exhibits is the fact that they are not afraid to take on challenging issues from time to time.
There are a lot of things that art can address in ways that other aspects of life simply cannot. This is to say that art can help us all explore the kind of questions and subjects that we all have, but that few of us want to admit we have questions about.
The best thing that we can do to have a better understanding of how these ideas shape our lives is to make sure we are looking at them from different points of view. All of this comes in the same package when one goes to explore the Museum of Arts and Design.

Education at the Core

One of the central focuses of the MAD is education. The newest facilities within the museum have classrooms and studios where classes and seminars can be held.
There are also workshops that are frequently held in these rooms to help make sure everyone is able to get the kind of benefits and education that they need regarding arts and virtually anything else that they could possibly have to deal with as well.
It is typical for people who go to this museum to want to learn a lot more about the arts and even about the various ways that they can potentially get started in learning about how to create artwork themselves.
It is frequently the case that people come to this museum to learn just as much as they come to it to see the works of art that are available here. Indeed, both objectives are incredibly important, and both should be recognized as noble pursuits.
Right now, there is a 144-seat auditorium that has been used by numerous lecturers to help make sure they can get their messages out to a large audience all at the same time. It is truly a beautiful thing to see people all coming together with the same purpose and goals.

Senior Programming

Senior citizens flock to this museum for the various programs that they put on for this age group as well. It is a place where seniors can come to take some of the classes that are specifically designed for them. Additionally, there are special tours that seniors can take which are uniquely designed for them.
This is to say that they can go on a tour that is set up just for seniors. These tours will allow them to get some questions answered, learn more about the subjects that they most want to know about, and receive the respect that they deserve.

Cross Disciplinary Education

This entire museum is set up with cross-disciplinary goals at its core. This is to say that people certainly come to the museum to view the art without a doubt, but they are often met with some interest in various classes that they can take while they are there as well.
It is so nice to know that there are people who will take the time to help others learn about the subjects that they want to know more about, and that is what you can get here.
You can probably see at this point why this is one of the hidden gems of Manhattan that people should spend some time learning more about. It may not be as flashy as some of the other sights that one could see out in Manhattan, but it provides an extreme amount of value to those who do attend.
Now that you know that this exists, you should try to plan your entire Manhattan trip around your ability to get yourself to this museum. It is possible that you will end up learning a great deal about yourself and about the subjects that you want to study if you get yourself to this museum right away.
There is truly nothing better than hitting that one-two combo and finding that you can get a lot of value out of the places that you stop by to visit. This museum is one that will surely be something worth checking out if you are going to go to Manhattan anyway.


Article provided by Fay Smith. Fay is a mother and an advocate of all things natural. She is regular contributor for several websites.