Diana Fritillary Butterfly

Arkansas State Butterfly


Female Diana Fritillary butterfly

Female Diana Fritillary butterfly; photo by Rachel Pennington on Flickr (all rights reserved; used by permission). 

Diana Fritillary Butterfly

The Diana fritillary butterfly was designated the official butterfly of Arkansas in 2007. Male Diana Fritillary butterflies are dark brown with orange markings. Females are larger, and their coloring is dramatically different from the males (black with bright blue markings and white spots).

Diana Fritillary butterflies can be found in the moist mountain areas of Arkansas, feeding on flower nectar in the summer months. Arkansas also recognizes an official state insect (the honeybee - extremely important to agriculture).



Male Diana Fritillary butterfly; photo © Rachel Pennington on Flickr (all rights reserved; used by permission).

Male Diana Fritillary butterfly


Diana fritillary at Warren Prairie Natural Area