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Connecticut Tartan

Connecticut State Tartan

State Tartan of Connecticut;    Photo by Ninjatacoshell /Wikipedia (Public Domain Image).

Connecticut Tartan

Connecticut is the official State tartan, adopted by the Connecticut legislature under Governor Rowland in 1995. The large blue stripes represent Long Island Sound; the large green stripes symbolize Connecticut's forests, the medium gray stripes represent granite; the red and yellow pin stripes represent autumn leaves; and the white pin stripes are a symbol of winter snow.

Tartan refers to fabric woven into plaid patterns representing clans (families) or regions in Scotland. In old Scotland, the tartan was used for clothing and as a banner or flag. Because a family or community worked the cloth together, their clothing was made of the same patterns, and so a person could be recognized by the Tartan plaid that he wore. Tartans can also be designed as a symbol commemorating a special event or person.