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Aloha Order of Merit

Hawaii Title of Accomplishment

Outstanding achievement or valor (image licensed from iStockphoto; all rights reserved).

Hawaii's Official Aloha Order of Merit

The Aloha Order of Merit is a lifetime title bestowed by the governor of Hawaii (with approval of the legislature) to honor individual accomplishment. All State Awards

Aloha Order of Merit honorees have achieved national or international recognition for being outstanding in their field; contributed to the attainment of statehood for Hawai'i; devoted themselves to the betterment of the state (embodying the concept of the Aloha Spirit), provided extraordinary service to the state; or brought honor to the state. The governor may request a member of the Order to serve as an emissary for the people of Hawai'i on appropriate occasions.

An area is set aside within the Honolulu International Airport to exhibit displays honoring members of the order and their achievements.