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Flag of Idaho

Idaho State Flag

Flag of Idaho; public domain image on Wikipedia.

Official State Flag of Idaho

The State Flag of Idaho was adopted in 1907. All State Flags

The dimensions of the state flag were described specifically by Idaho legislature: "5' 6" wide, 4' 4" deep, bordered by a gilt fringe that is 2.5 inches wide. The flag is to be blue silk with the state seal of Idaho 21" diameter displayed in the center. Under the great seal, the words "State of Idaho" are to be embroidered in gold block letters two inches high on a red band that is 3" wide X 29" length, positioned about 8.5"above and parallel with lower fringe."

The state seal image on the flag is a general representation, not as detailed as Idaho's official great seal. Idaho has the only state seal designed by a woman. Emma Edwards Green designed the original great seal, which was adopted by the first legislature of Idaho in 1891. Her painting is held in trust by the Idaho Historical Society - it is rich with Idaho symbols.