White-tailed Deer

Illinois State Animal


White-tailed deer doe

White-tailed deer (doe); photo by Jen Goellnitz (thelearnedfoot_) on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Official State Animal of Illinois

Illinois designated white-tailed deer as the official state animal in 1980 after winning the vote of the schoolchildren of Illinois. Eleven other states recognize the graceful white-tailed deer as a state symbol (Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Wisconsin). All State Mammals

The white-tailed deer is an animal of incredible beauty and power; they can run up to 40 miles per hour, jump 9-foot fences, and swim 13 miles per hour! The white underside of the deer's tail waves when it runs, and is flashed as a warning when danger is sensed. White-tailed deer also stamps it's hooves to alert other deer of a possible threat. Fawns are born with white spots for camouflage.

Both native Americans and settlers relied on the white-tailed deer for buckskin and food.



White-tailed deer buck with new spring antlers; photo © Brian Jorg / CritterZone: Animal - Wildlife - Nature Stock Photography (all rights reserved; used by permission).

White-tailed deer buck with new spring antlers

White-tailed deer doe; free photo courtesy of Nature of New England.

White-tailed deer doe

White-tailed deer fawn; photo by Michael Witzel (coolstock) on Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

White-tailed deer fawn


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