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Flag of Iowa

Iowa State Flag

Official State Flag of Iowa

Iowa was almost 75 years old before the state banner was adopted by the Legislature in 1921. With memory of the Civil War still fresh in their minds, Iowans had not adopted a state banner because they felt a national banner was the only one needed. All State Flags

Iowa's flag was designed by the state's Daughters of the American Revolution in response to Iowa national Guardsmen stationed at the Mexican border during WWI that requested an emblem of Iowa to represent their unit.

The flag consists of three vertical stripes: the blue stripe stands for loyalty, justice and truth; the white stripe for purity; and the red stripe for courage. On the white center an eagle carries streamers in its beak which are inscribed with the state's motto: "Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain." The name "IOWA" is in red below the streamers. The eagle carrying streamers also appears on Iowa's state seal.