Kentucky State Soft Drink


Ale-8-1 logo; official state soft drink of Kentucky

Ale-8-1 logo; the official state soft drink of Kentucky.  Photo by Justin Grimes/Flickr (Use Permitted with Attribution/Share Alike).

Official "Original Soft Drink" of Kentucky

Manufactured and bottled in Winchester, Kentucky since 1926, "Ale-8-One" was designated an original Kentucky soft drink in 2013. All State Foods & Drinks

G. L. Wainscott, a native of Kentucky, developed the secret recipe for this unique and delicious ginger-flavored soft drink. The Ale-8 company has expanded, and now includes other products that have Ale-8-1 soft drink as one of the main ingredients (an Ale-8 salsa, an Ale-8 barbecue sauce, and an Ale-8 candy sucker - all produced in central Kentucky).

Governor Paul E. Patton, 59th governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (in office from 1995 to 2003), proclaimed July 13, 2001 as "Ale-8-One Day," officially acknowledging that Ale-8-One soft drink is a favorite of Kentucky.



Ale-8-One vending machine; the official Kentucky original soft drink.  Photo by Justin Grimes/Flickr (use permitted with attribution/share alike).

Ale-8-One vending machine


Ale-8-One Documentary