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Green Tree Frog

Louisiana State Amphibian

Official State Amphibian of Louisiana

The diminutive but distinctive green tree frog (Hyla cinerea) was designated the official state amphibian of Louisiana in 1993 (also a state symbol of Georgia). All State Amphibians

Green tree frogs are abundant and found throughout Louisiana in ponds, roadside ditches, canals, and swamps. Also commonly called "the bell frog" because the mating call of the green tree frog is said to sound like a bell. Females rarely vocalize, but each male tree frog can vary its call - he has a territorial call at dusk to ward off rival males, an antagonistic call when he encounters another male, and a mating call to attract females.

Green tree frogs feed on insects and spiders. They are an important part of the food chain, eaten by many animals such as snakes, birds, turtles, fish, raccoons, and otters.