Seal of Louisiana

Louisiana State Seal

Seal of Louisiana

The state seal of Louisiana features the brown pelican tearing at its breast to nurture its young, and the state motto: Union, Justice, Confidence. Previous versions of the state seal had as many as 12 chicks in the nest (pelicans rarely have more than 3 chicks, and though pelicans are exceptionally attentive, nurturing parents, they do not tear at their own flesh to feed offspring in hard times.

The brown pelican is a prominent symbol of Louisiana - it is the official state bird, appears on Louisiana's state flag, the official state painting, and is one of three symbols displayed on the U.S. Mint's Louisiana bicentennial quarter. Louisiana has been called "The Pelican State" since colonial times.



Flag of Louisiana (public domain image on Wikipedia),

Flag of Louisiana

Louisiana became the 18th state in 1812. The Louisiana quarter features the state bird (brown pelican), a musical symbol for New Orleans Jazz, and an outline of the original Louisiana purchase (public domain image on Wikipedia).

Louisiana quarter