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The Gifts of Earth

Louisiana State Environmental Song

Louisiana iris; photo by Henryr10 on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

The Gifts of Earth

Words by Frances LeBeau Kennedy

Louisiana designated The Gifts of Earth by Frances LeBeau Kennedy  (sung to the tune of "America the Beautiful") as the state environmental song in 1990.

Verse 1

See the world around you,
All the wonders of the land,
The woods and fields and flowers,
Sunny skies and seas and sands.

Verse 2

It's a gift for all the people,
To live in this great land,
Where the beauty all around us,
Teaches us to understand ...


That the gifts of earth are in our hands.
To life we hold the key.
So let's clean America, make our land
A home for you and me.

Verse 3:

Take a look around you,
At the wonders of the land.
Think about tomorrow.
Take the time to understand ... (Chorus)

(Repeat Chorus: Last two lines of Chorus to end).