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Louisiana My Home Sweet Home

Louisiana State March Song

Southern magnolia flower; photo by Rosa Say on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Louisiana My Home Sweet Home

by Sammie McKenzie, Lou Lavoy & Castro Carazo

Louisiana designated Louisiana My Home Sweet Home (by Sammie McKenzie, Lou Lavoy and Castro Carazo) as an official state song in 1952.


Kissed by the Gulf's mighty stream,
A lovely state, Louisiana,
Where sweet magnolias, so rare,
Perfume the air
With fragrance that's supreme.
God bless our lovely state.
It's a paradise right here on earth.


Louisiana, Louisiana,
It's beauty's always aglow.
Moss covered shade trees
Sway in the cool breeze
While lazy bayous flow.
The sugar cane gleams
Beneath the moonbeams
That light the Heaven's silvr'y dome.
Deep in the Southland
There is a dreamland:
Louisiana, my home, sweet home.