Flag of Montana

Montana State Flag


Flag of Montana

Flag of Montana features the state seal and state motto; public domain image on Wikipedia.

Official State Flag of Montana

The Montana flag displays a representation of the state seal on a field of deep blue. The legislation also describes "golden fringe along the upper and lower borders of the flag." Above the great seal is the word "Montana" in gold Helvetica Bold font (the letters are to equal 1/10 the vertical measurement of the flag).

The original banner was hand-made and carried by Montana volunteers in the Spanish-American war, but the design was not adopted as Montana's official state flag until 1904. All State Flags

The state seal displays symbols of Montana's history and natural beauty. A sunrise shines over snowy mountains. Waterfalls, the Missouri River, mountains, hills, trees, and cliffs are shown behind three tools (a pick, a shovel, and a plow) which are symbols of Montana's mining and farming history. A ribbon with the state motto, Oro y Plata (Spanish for "gold and silver ") is displayed at the bottom of the seal.



Montana state flag; usually seen without gold fringe.  Photo by Kevin Baird/Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution/no derivative works).

Montana state flag

Seal of Montana contains the state motto. Montana's state flag also features the great seal. Public domain image on Wikipedia.

Seal of Montana


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