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Seal of Nebraska

Nebraska State Seal

Engraving of Nebraska seal on historic marker; photo by Erin and Lance Willett on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Seal of Nebraska

Nebraska's state seal is located in the Secretary of State's office and leaves its impression on all official state documents. The symbols on the great seal of Nebraska are described on a bill introduced in 1867:

"The eastern part of the circle to be represented by a steamboat ascending the Missouri River, the mechanic arts to be represented by a smith with a hammer and anvil, in the foreground, agriculture to be represented by a settlers cabin, sheaves of wheat, and stalks of growing corn, in the background a train of cars heading towards the Rocky Mountains, and on the extreme west, the Rocky Mountains to be plainly in view, around the top of the circle, to be in capital letters, the motto: "Equality Before the Law," and the circle to be surrounded with the words, "Great Seal of the State of Nebraska."

The Nebraska state seal is also displayed in gold and silver on the state flag (centered on a field of "national blue").

The Great Seal of Nebraska is protected by state law (graphic representations of the state seal are not in the public domain). The restrictions on the use of the state seal also apply to Nebraska's state flag (the state seal is the flag's centerpiece). Requests for permission to use images of the Nebraska state seal or state flag must be made in writing to the Secretary of State.

Neither this website, nor the information presented on this website is endorsed by the state of Nebraska or Nebraska's Secretary of State