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Seal of Nevada

Nevada State Seal

Official State Seal of Nevada

Nevada's Constitutional Convention of 1864 adopted a description of the features to be placed on Nevada's great seal. All State Seals

The state seal of Nevada is rich with symbols. Mineral resources are represented by a silver miner and his team moving a carload of ore from a mountain on the left. A quartz mill stands at the base of another mountain on the right.

Symbols for transportation and communication are telegraph poles and a train steaming across the background. In the foreground are symbols for agriculture - a sheaf of wheat, a sickle, and a plow.

Nevada's natural beauty is represented by a shining sun rising over snow-capped peaks. The inner circle of the seal displays the motto "All for Our Country" and 36 stars (Nevada is the 36th state to join the Union). The perimeter of the seal states "The Great Seal of the State of Nevada."