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New Hampshire Hills

New Hampshire State Song 3

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire; photo by Rob Slaven (Rob Slaven Photography) on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

New Hampshire Hills

by Paul Scott Mowrer and Tom Powers

New Hampshire designated New Hampshire Hills (lyrics by Paul Scott Mowrer and music by Tom Powers) as an honorary state song in 1973.


God made our lofty granite hills
our brooks and ponds are clean
Shy forest creatures habit here
in woodlands ever green

New Hampshire men are brawny men
New Hampshire girls are kind
New Hampshire folk are friendly folk
as ever you will find.

Our orchard land, our pasture land,
Sea beach and rocky shore,
Our cheerful streets where friendship meets
Requite us more and more.

Come April then, September then,
Slow spring and glorious fall,
Come ice and snow, come summer glow,
We somehow love them all.

We who, by birth or chance or choice,
Have breathed this piney air,
Partaken of New Hampshire's joys,
Look not to live elsewhere,

Oh, you who dream our country's dream,
To past and future true,
Proud of our country's heritage,
New Hampshire is for you.