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New Hampshire Naturally

New Hampshire State Song 9

Maple syrup farm in Pemigewassset River Valley in New Hampshire with vista of White Mountains; photo by Avelino Maestas on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

New Hampshire Naturally

by Rick Shaw and Ron Shaw

New Hampshire adopted New Hampshire Naturally by Rick Shaw and Ron Shaw as an official honorary state song in 1983.


There's a place I know
where the purple lilacs grow
and the sparkling rivers rush down to the sea;
where snow-capped mountains rise
high into the clear blue sky
and the seasons come and go so naturally.


Oh, New Hampshire.
New Hampshire is where I want to be.
Oh, New Hampshire.
I love New Hampshire naturally.

Verse 2

Oh, I love her in the spring
when the birds begin to sing;
in the winter and the good old summertime;
But I think it's in the fall
that I love her most of all,
New Hampshire's always somewhere in my mind.

Verse 3

As I sail upon a breeze,
feel the earth beneath my skis,
paddle down a stream or cast a fly;
wander through a village square,
breathe the cool, clean mountain air,
I know how it feels to be New Hampshire high.