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New Mexico - Mi Lindo Nuevo Mexico

New Mexico State Bilingual Song

View across the Ghost Ranch landscape in northern New Mexico; photo by cobalt123 on Flickr (non-commercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Official State Bilingual Song of New Mexico

New Mexico designated "New Mexico - Mi Lindo Nuevo Mexico" by Pablo Mares as the official state bilingual song in 1995. New Mexico also recognizes a state song, state ballad, cowboy song, and an official Spanish song. All State Songs

English Lyrics

I'm singing a song of my homeland
Most wonderful place that I've seen.
My song cannot fully describe it
I call it land of my dreams.
New Mexico,
Land of the sun
Where yucca blooms
The sunset sighs.
New Mexico,
Your starry nights,
Your music sweet as daylight dies.
My heart returns
It ever yearns
To hear the desert breezes blow,
Your snow, your rain, your rainbows' blend,
I'm proud of my New Mexico.

Spanish Lyrics

Yo canto de un pais lindo
Mas bello no he visto yo,
Mi cancion no puede decirlo,
Como mi corazon.
Nuevo Mexico,
Pais del sol
Palmillas floreciendo alli.
Nuevo Mexico,
Tus noches lindas
Traen recuerdos para mi.
Mi corazon
Llora por ti me dice a mi
Te quiero yo.
Tus sierras y tus valles
Son mi lindo Nuevo Mexico.