New York State Flower


Red rose

Red rose; photo by Jörg Kanngießer on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution).

Official State Flower of New York

The rose was designated as the official state flower of New York in 1955 (a rose of any color or combination of colors). All State Flowers

The rose is a symbol of love and beauty (as well as war and politics) the world over. The rose is also our national flower; the state flower of Georgia is the Cherokee rose; and the wild prairie rose is the state flower of Iowa and North Dakota. 

The rose grows naturally throughout North America.  Roses are red, pink, white, or yellow and can have a wonderfully rich aroma.  The petals and rose hips are edible and have been used in medicines since ancient times.  Rose hips (the fruit of the rose which forms at base of the flower) are eaten in winter by wild birds and other animals.

The rose has played an important role in myth, history, and poetry from ancient times to the present. 

New York


Variated yellow-red rose; photo courtesy Free Public Domain Photo Database: Rose Photos.

Yellow rose

Red rose in full bloom; photo by Peggy Greb, courtesy USDA Agricultural Research Service Gallery: Plants.

Rose: America's National Flower


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