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North Carolina State Art Medium

Child's Hands in Clay North Carolina is the only state to designate an official art medium Photo by Diana Robinson / Flickr (use permitted with attribution/no derivative works).

Official Art Medium of North Carolina

Clay was designated the official art medium of North Carolina in 2013. The state also recognized the Seagrove area as the official birthplace of North Carolina traditional pottery in 2005.

Excerpt from House Bill 830

"... Whereas, North Carolina's clay-rich soil has contributed to the State's pottery heritage; and

Whereas, the use of clay has grown from the State's early Native Americans making mostly utilitarian wares and European settlers continuing the traditions of their ancestors to today's potters designing pottery with utilitarian and aesthetic elements; and

Whereas, the pottery tradition continues to thrive in North Carolina, especially in the Seagrove area, which includes parts of Chatham, Lee, Moore, Montgomery, and Randolph Counties; and

Whereas, clay continues to be an important art medium contributing to the State's cultural, social, and economic prosperity;

Now, therefore, The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts ... Clay is adopted as the official art medium of the State of North Carolina."