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Plott Hound

North Carolina State Dog

Plott Hound Cash; photo by Dimmerswitch on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Official State Dog of North Carolina

North Carolina designated the Plott hound as the official state dog in 1989. The Plott hound is one of only four breeds known to be of American origin (the American Kennel Club recognized the Plott hound as a distinctive breed in 1998). All State Dogs

Plott Hound Facts

Developed in the mountains of North Carolina by German immigrant Jonathan Plott around 1750 as a wild boar hound, the Plott hound is a legendary hunting dog known as a courageous fighter and tenacious tracker with a spine-tingling, bugle-like call.

The Plott hound is athletic, muscular, and agile in appearance with a smooth, dense coat in almost any shade of brindle (sometimes with small white patches on the feet, chest, and underbelly). Plott hounds are eager to please, loyal, intelligent, and alert. They are aggressive, bold, and fearless hunters described as "the ninja warriors of dogdom.