Convergent Lady Beetle

North Dakota State Insect


Convergent lady beetle (ladybug)

Convergent lady beetles (ladybugs); photo by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

Official State Insect of North Dakota

North Dakota designated the convergent lady beetle (commonly called ladybug) as the official state insect in 2011. Second-grade students from Kenmare Elementary School (with assistance from their teacher Tamara McNeiley) were instrumental in passing the legislation adopting these ladybugs as symbols of North Dakota. All State Insects

Convergent Lady Beetle Facts

A common species throughout the United States, the convergent lady beetle (Hippodamia convergens) is mainly a solitary species, except when overwintering, when hundreds may collect. Five other states recognize ladybugs as official insect symbols: Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Tennessee.

North Dakota


Convergent lady beetles (ladybugs); photo by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

Convergent lady beetles (ladybugs)


Lady Bugs Converge at Fall Creek