Mandan Railroad Museum

North Dakota State Railroad Museum


Railroad steam engine wheel

Wheels of a steam engine; photo by Josef F. Stuefer (josef.stuefer) on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Official State Railroad Museum of North Dakota

The Mandan railroad museum was designated the official state railroad museum of North Dakota in 1989. All State Museums - All State Railroad & Vehicles

Large and small railroad artifacts fill all corners of the museum, displaying items designed and made specifically for the operation of the railroads. Established in 1972 to maintain the history of railroading in North Dakota and operated by the Railroad Museum Historical Society of Morton County, the Mandan railroad museum features:

A unique display of HO model 'hopper cars' (from the collection of Dr. Kenneth J. Johnson of Bismarck, ND). The idea for the collection arose out of the grain car shortage in the Midwest and upon seeing different hopper cars in his travels. Dr. Johnson would photograph them, record all the actual identification information and then model a reproduction. In his collection there are more than 200 different 'hopper cars' representing the elevator companies that purchased them.

A special collection of 'Timetables' which reflect many of the nations railroads at the peak of passenger service in the United States.

An extensive collection of photographs from the camera of Ron V. Nixon (a longtime Northern Pacific dispatcher). The pictures feature all the different classes of Northern Pacific steam power, North Dakota scenes, and pictures from the Milwaukee Road, Great Northern, and Soo Line.

Old rolling stock, and assorted railroad memorabilia.

North Dakota


Old train caboose photo by Tom Haymes on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Old train caboose