With God All Things Are Possible

Ohio State Motto


Ohio quarter

Ohio became the 17th state in 1803. The Ohio quarter depicts the Wright Flyer (the Wright brothers were Ohio natives), astronaut Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon and also an Ohio native), an outline of the state, and the caption: "Birthplace of Aviation Pioneers" (public domain image on Wikipedia).

With God All Things Are Possible

"With God All Things Are Possible" became Ohio's state motto on October 1, 1959. A twelve-year-old boy named James Mastronardo recommended this quotation from the bible during a contest sponsored by the Ohio legislature in the early 1950's to select a state motto.

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a suit against Ohio and its state motto in 1997, claiming the biblical quotation violated the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees religious freedom and separation of church and state. Federal courts allowed Ohio to retain its motto, ruling that the state motto does not endorse a specific God and therefore was not a violation of the first amendment. Four other states contain the word "God" in their mottos.




Geographic regions of Ohio; image by Mortadelo2005 via Wikimedia Commons (use permitted with attribution).

Geographic regions of Ohio

The state of Ohio USA (public domain image).

Ohio USA map