The Sooner State

Oklahoma State Nickname


Oklahoma prairie

Oklahoma prairie (Washita Battlefield National Historic Site); photo by Jerry on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Official State Nickname of Oklahoma

Oklahoma's nickname is The Sooner State. All State Nicknames

The unassigned lands of the Oklahoma Territory were opened up to settler claims on April 22, 1889. Thousands of people were in line on the border waiting for the  signal to be given so they could race into the territory to claim a stake of land. Some people went in early to stake claims and they became known as "Sooners."



The state of Oklahoma; United States of America.  Photo by TUBS/Wikipedia (use permitted with attribution/share alike).

The state of Oklahoma in the United States of America

Oklahoma population map; 2010 Census.  Photo by JimIrwin at en.wikipedia/Wikipedia (use permitted with attribution/share alike).

Oklahoma population map


The Oklahoma Land Rush of 1893