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Oregon State Fruit

Pears on the tree; photo by by Keith Weller / USDA ARS Image Gallery: Fruits & Veggies; Pear.

Official State Fruit of Oregon

Oregon designated the pear (Pyrus communis) as the official state fruit in 2005. Oregon produces a variety of pears including Comice, Anjou, Bosc, and Bartlett. All Food & Agriculture Symbols

Pears are the top-selling tree fruit crop in Oregon. Pears grow particularly well in the Rogue River Valley and along the Columbia River near Mt. Hood.

Pears are thought to have originated in present-day western China and have been cultivated since antiquity (pears are mentioned in the oldest Greek writings, and they were cultivated by the ancient Romans). Today there are over 20 recognized primary species of pears. plus about 10 subspecies and naturally occurring hybrids.