K4s Steam Locomotive

Pennsylvania State Locomotive 1


K4 1361 Steam locomotive

K4 1361 Steam locomotive; photo by Gary Mittners (used by permission).

Official State Steam Locomotive of Pennsylvania

The K4s steam locomotive was designated as Pennsylvania's official state steam locomotive on December 18, 1987. All Railroad Symbols

The K4s steam locomotive is the quintassential train engine - a boxy, black cylinder with a short stack on top. It was the main passenger locomotive of the Pennsylvania railroad for 30 years. At one time, 425 of these powerful coal-burners steamed across the state -- every one built in Pennsylvania. The state steam locomotive is on display in railroad museums in Altoona and Strasburg.

Pennsylvania also recognizes an electric locomotive as an official state symbol (GGI 4859).



Model railroad: Pennsylvania K4 "Pacific" steam locomotive; photo by contemplative imaging on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Model railroad: Pennsylvania K4 steam locomotive


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