Ring-Necked Pheasant

South Dakota State Bird


Chinese ring-necked pheasant

Chinese ring-necked pheasant; photo by Richard Bicknell/RangerRich1961 on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike). 

Chinese Ring-Necked Pheasant

South Dakota designated the Chinese ring-necked pheasant as state bird in 1943. A ring-necked pheasant is also featured on the U.S. Mint's South Dakota bicentennial commemorative quarter.

South Dakota


The U.S. Mint's bicentennial commemorative quarter for South Dakota features a ring-necked pheaand (state bird) and Mount Rushmore (the state nickname is Mount Rushmore). South Dakota became the 40th state in 1889. Public domain image on Wikipedia.

South Dakota quarter

Chinese ring-necked pheasant; photo by David A. Mitchell on Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

Chinese ring-necked pheasant


Ring Necked Pheasant