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Seal of South Dakota

South Dakota State Seal

Great seal of South Dakota; public domain image on Wikipedia.

Official State Seal of South Dakota

The symbols on the great seal of South Dakota represent the state's commerce, industry, and natural resources.  All State Seals

The outer circle of the seal bears the words "State of South Dakota," "Great Seal," and "1889," the year South Dakota became a state. The state seal also appears on South Dakota's state flag.

"Under God the People Rule" (South Dakota's state motto) appears at the top of the inner circle, which has a background of sky and hills. In the foreground, a steam ship navigates a river running through agricultural and industrial land (the Missouri River runs through the center of the state north to south). The triangles on the outline of the seal is supposed to make the seal look like the sun. It is supposed to look like a sun because South Dakota is called the “Sunshine State.”