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Hail, South Dakota

South Dakota State Song

Sunrise at Prairie Sky Ranch in South Dakota; photo by Rural Learning Center on Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

Official State Song of South Dakota

South Dakota designated "Hail, South Dakota," a marching song by Deecourt Hammitt, as the official state song in 1943. All State Songs


Hail! South Dakota,
A great state of the land,
Health, wealth and beauty,
That's what makes her grand;
She has her Black Hills,
And mines with gold so rare,
And with her scen'ry,
No state can compare.
Come where the sun shines,
And where life's worth your while,
You won't be here long,
'Till you'll wear a smile;
No state's so healthy,
And no folk quite so true,
To South Dakota.
We all welcome you.
Hail! South Dakota,
The state we love the best,
Land of our fathers,
Builders of the west;
Home of the Badlands,
And Rushmore's ageless shrine,
Black Hills and prairies, Farmland and Sunshine
Hills, farms and prairies, Blessed with bright Sunshine.