Observed Days

Tennessee State Holidays


Firefighters Memorial in downtown Memphis, Tennessee

Firefighters Memorial in downtown Memphis; Tennessee observes Firefighters’ Memorial Day on October 9 and Volunteer Firefighters Week / Rescue Squad Week the first full week in March.  Photo by Adam Jones/Flickr (Use Permitted with Attribution/Share Alike).

Tennessee State Holidays & Observed Days

In the United States, each of the fifty states has jurisdiction over its own holidays. All State Holidays

There are ten holidays that are proclaimed by the U.S. federal government as holidays for federal government employees, and most states observe all these holidays on the same dates (commonly called "legal" or "public" holidays). Tennessee has added Good Friday to that standard list:

Tennessee's Legal Holidays

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Day
Washington Day
Good Friday
Memorial or Decoration Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans’ Day

Observed Days in Tennessee

In addition to "legal" or "public" holidays that are common to most states, Tennessee has many historical and cultural days of observance:

Robert E. Lee Day January 19
Abraham Lincoln Day February 12
Andrew Jackson Day March 15
Memorial or Confederate Decoration Day June 3
Nathan Bedford Forrest Day July 13
Veterans’ Day
Mother’s Day Second Sunday in May
Statehood Day June 1
Family Day Last Sunday in August
Franklin D. Roosevelt Day January 30
American Indian Day Fourth Monday in September
Tennessee P.O.W.-M.I.A. Recognition Week Third Friday to following Thursday of September
Scottish, Scots-Irish Heritage Day June 24
Workers Memorial Day April 28
John Sevier Day June 23
Harriet Tubman Day March 10
Bluegrass Day Fourth Saturday in May
Emancipation Day August 8
Patriots Day April 19
Wilma Rudolph Day June 23
Vietnam Veterans Day March 29
Towing and Recovery Week Week of the third Saturday in September
Tennessee and United States Constitutions Day September 17
Firefighters’ Memorial Day October 9
Gold Star Mother’s Day Last Sunday in September
Volunteer Firefighters Week - Rescue Squad Week First full week in March
Tennessee National Guard Day