The Pride of Tennessee

Tennessee State Song 7


Statue of a Cherokee Indian in Chattanooga, Tennessee

A statue of a Cherokee Indian in front of the Tennessee Aquarium; Chattanooga, Tennessee; photo by Duane Tate on Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

Official State Song of Tennessee

Tennessee designated "The Pride of Tennessee" by Fred Congdon, Thomas Vaughn, and Carol Elliot as an official state song in 1996. Official Tennessee Songs - All State Songs


From the Smokie Mountain Mornings to the Mississippi shores
Let’s take time to remember those who went before
Whose lives made a difference in the world for you and me
Their courage faith and vision are the Pride of Tennessee
Sequoyah was a Cherokee the chief of all his tribe
His people learned to read and write with the alphabet he scribed
When Tennessee became a State its Governor was clear
There was no better leader than the gallant John Sevier
From the backwoods to the Congress to his stand at the Alamo
Davy Crockett gave his life for the country he loved so
Three Presidents from Tennessee made impressions on this land
Jackson, Polk and Johnson were men who took a stand
Ida Wells Barnett fought bravely for the rights of men
When they were killed by prejudice for the color of their skin
He was drafted in the first world war though he did not want to go
His shooting skills made Alvin York a national hero
When women of Tennessee believed they had the right to vote
Ann Dallas Dudley led the fight and gave them hope
Cordell Hull had a vision for peace around the world
The United Nations where all countries flags unfurl
From Beale Street down in Memphis to New York front page news
W.C. Handy’s music made him father of the blues
Yes Courage, Faith and Vision are the Pride of Tennessee