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Peach Cobbler

Texas State Cobbler

Peach cobbler state symbol of Texas. Photo by purdman1 / Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

Official State Cobbler of Texas

Peach cobbler was designated the official state cobbler of Texas in 2013. Texas has also recognized other delicious desserts as official symbols of the state; pecan pie, Sopaipilla, and strudel.

House Concurrent Resolution

WHEREAS, All across the Lone Star State, perhaps no dessert is more welcome at the end of a meal than peach cobbler; and

WHEREAS, Originally invented by British colonists in America, cobbler was the name given to any dish made by pouring a filling into a pan and covering it with batter, biscuits, or a pie crust before baking; fillings could be sweet or savory, ranging from apples, blueberries, and peaches to beef, mutton, and lamb; and

WHEREAS, The name "cobbler" is thought to have been derived from the resemblance of the finished dish to a cobbled street, or from the fact that it is "cobbled" together from a variety of ingredients; the different types of cobbler all over the nation have gone by such colorful names as Brown Betty, the Grump, the Buckle, and the Sanker; and

WHEREAS, Cobbler filled with delicious Texas peaches has become one of the signature desserts of the state; usually made very sweet, peach cobbler has become a summertime favorite, and a dish of cobbler with a single scoop of vanilla ice cream often serves as the perfect finish to any day; and

WHEREAS, Many Texans prefer cobbler made with fresh peaches, and during peach season from mid-May to early August, Gillespie County becomes the center of the peach cobbler universe, producing 40 percent of the state's peaches, many of which are sold to travelers from stands along the highways outside Fredericksburg; and

WHEREAS, Whether served to beat the Texas heat or to complement a plate of Texas barbecue, whether prepared in a Texas roadhouse or from a treasured family recipe handed down through generations, peach cobbler is one of the distinctive flavors of the Lone Star State, beloved by Texans wherever they are in the world as a taste of home; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the 83rd Legislature of the State of Texas hereby designate peach cobbler as the official cobbler of Texas.