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Mount Holly Mammoth Tooth & Tusk

Vermont State Terrestrial Fossil

Vermont State Terrestrial Fossil; mammoth tusk at the Mount Holly Community Historical Museum in Belmont, Vermont. Photo by Robin Eatmon, Curator (all rights reserved; used by permission).

Official State Terrestrial Fossil of Vermont

Vermont designated the mammoth tooth and tusk discovered in 1848 at Mount Holly as the official state terrestrial fossil in 2014. Vermont's original state fossil, the fossilized skeleton of a white whale, was re-designated the official state marine fossil. All State Dinosaurs & Fossils

The huge molar tooth weighs nearly eight pounds and has a grinding surface of about 8 by 4 inches. The fossilized mammoth tusk measures a length of 80 inches along its outer curve, 12 inches at its greatest circumference.

Scientists believe the mammoth fossils were buried at the summit of the Green Mountains for more than 8,000 years, and that the adult mammoth would have been more than eight feet tall and 10 feet long, and would have weighed approximately 1.7 tons.

The Mount Holly fossil mammoth tooth and tusk are on display at the Mount Holly Community Historical Museum in Belmont Village, Vermont.