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Andrew Glaze

Alabama State Poet Laureate

Little River Canyon Preserve, Alabama; photo by Outdoor Alabama on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Official State Poet Laureate of Alabama

Alabama Legislature created the honorary office of Poet Laureate of Alabama in 1931. A suitable candidate for poet laureate honoree is designated by the Alabama Writers' Conclave (a voluntary organization of Alabama historians, playwrights, fiction writers, poets, and newspaper writers). The name is certified by the governor, who then issues a commission to the poet laureate.   All State Cultural Awards  

Poets Laureate of Alabama

Andrew Glaze 2013-2017

Sue Walker 2003-2012

Helen Norris 1999-2003

Helen Friedman Blackshear 1995-1999

Ralph Hammond 1992-1995

Morton Dennison Prouty Jr. 1988-1991

Carl Patrick Morton 1983-1987

William Young Elliott 1975-1982

Bert Henderson 1959-1974

Mary B. Ward 1954-1958

Samuel Minturn Peck 1930-1938