Johnstone's Junonia

Alabama State Shell


Junonia shell - Alabama state shell

Junonia shell; public domain image on Wikipedia.

Johnstone's Junonia

Johnstone's Junonia (Scaphella junonia johnstoneae) was designated the official state shell of Alabama in 1990. The Johnstone's Junonia seashell (home of a deep-water marine mollusk) is found only in Alabama waters.

The shell was named in honor of Kathleen Yerger Johnstone (an amateur conchologist from Mobile, Alabama who made seashells popular through speeches and books).



Johnstone's Junonia shells (Scaphella junonia johnstoneae) photo © Douglas N. Shelton, Malacologist, Alabama Malacological Research Center, Mobile, AL - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (used by permission) Visit Alabama Malacological Research Center on Facebook..

Johnstone's Junonia shells


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