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Monarch Butterfly

Alabama State Insect

Female monarch butterfly on milkweed © photographer Lynn M. Rosenblatt, author of "Monarch Magic" (Worthy / Ideals) and "Monarch Buddies, Munch-A-Bunch of Milkweed" (Mindstir Media) Monarch Butterfly USA (all rights reserved; used by permission).

Official State Insect of Alabama

Alabama designated the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) as the official state insect in 1989. Seven states have adopted the monarch butterfly as an official symbol. Alabama also recognizes an official agricultural insect (queen honeybee) and an official state butterfly (eastern tiger swallowtail). All State Insects

The migratory monarch is a native butterfly well-known to Alabama. Both caterpillar and adult butterfly are brilliant in color as a warning (the Monarch butterfly ingests toxins from the milkweed plant which are poisonous to predators).