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Alaska's Flag

Alaska State Song

Alaska's flag; photo by a'at on Flickr (use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Official State Song of Alaska

"Alaska's Flag" was adopted as the official state song of Alaska in 1955 (words by Marie Drake, music by Elinor Dusenbury). All State Songs

The lyrics do not mention that the simple and elegant design of Alaska's state flag was created by Benny Benson, a 13 year old 7th-grader from an orphanage in Seward.


Eight stars of gold on a field of blue,
Alaska's flag, may it mean to you,
The blue of the sea, the evening sky,
The mountain lakes and the flowers nearby,
The gold of the early sourdough's dreams,
The precious gold of the hills and streams,
The brilliant stars in the northern sky,
The "Bear," the "Dipper," and shining high,
The great North Star with its steady light,
O'er land and sea a beacon bright,
Alaska's flag to Alaskans dear,
The simple flag of a last frontier.