Seal of Vermont

Vermont State Seal


Vermont state seal

State seal of Vermont; designed by Ira Allen, adopted in 1779.   Photo by Arnaud Ramey/Wikipedia (Public Domain Image).

Official State Seal of Vermont

Vermont's original great seal was designed by Ira Allen and accepted by the General Assembly in 1779. A new seal made in 1821 included much of the basic design of the original seal, but was not as symbolic in character. The current seal (adopted in 1937) is a precise reproduction of the original design. All State Seals

Symbols on Vermont's Seal

The row of wooded hills indicate the Green Mountains of Vermont; the sheaves and cow are symbols of agriculture; the wavy lines at the top and bottom of the seal represent the sky and water. The central focus of Vermont's great seal is a pine tree (pine trees in colonial days were impressive, often standing a hundred feet above surrounding trees).



Vermont State Seal atop the official state marker at 173 North Prospect, Burlington VT; photo by Don Shall (origamidon) on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Vermont state seal atop the official state marker in Burlington VT