Utah, This is the Place

Utah State Song


Arches National Park, Utah

Sandstone Walls; Arches National Park, Grand County, Utah; photo by arbyreed on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Official State Song of Utah

In 2003 "Utah, This is the Place" by Sam and Gary Francis was adopted as the official state song of Utah due to efforts by Cook Elementary School fourth-graders, who did not find the original state song fun to sing. All State Songs

The original state song, "Utah We Love Thee" (adopted in 1937) was re-designated as the official state hymn.


Utah! People working together
Utah! What a great place to be.
Blessed from Heaven above.
It's the land that we love.
This is the place!
Utah! With its mountains and valleys.
Utah! With its canyons and streams.
You can go anywhere.
But there's none that compare.
This is the place!
It was Brigham Young who led the pioneers across the plains.
They suffered with the trials they had to face.
With faith they kept on going till they reached the Great Salt Lake
Here they heard the words..."THIS IS THE PLACE!"
Utah! With its focus on family,
Utah! Helps each child to succeed.
People care how they live.
Each has so much to give.
This is the place!
Utah! Getting bigger and better.
Utah! Always leading the way.
New technology's here...
Growing faster each year.
This is the place!
There is beauty in the snow-capped mountains, in the lakes & streams.
There are valleys filled with farms and orchards too.
The spirit of its people shows in everything they do.
Utah is the place where dreams come true.
Utah! With its pioneer spirit.
Utah! What a great legacy!
Blessed from Heaven above.
It's the land that we love.
This is the place!
Utah! Utah! Utah!


Utah! This is the Place