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Vermont State Rock

Italian Carver's Memorial statue in Dente Park, Barre, Vermont (made from Barre granite); photo from the Barre Grant Association, posted by Don Shall on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / no derivative works).

Official State Rock of Vermont

Vermont designated granite as an official state rock  in 1991 (along with marble and slate). Vermont has a complex geology with rich and diverse mineral resources. All three of Vermont's state rocks were equally important to the minerals industry that began in the state over 200 years ago. All State Rocks

Vermont Granite

Barre granite is world-famous; Westmore-Morse Quarry in Barre, Vermont is the largest monumental granite quarry on Earth! Vermont exports granite to many states and countries for use as building stone. Some of the most famous landmarks made from Vermont granite include the Vermont State Capitol, the U.S. Supreme Court Building, the Washington Monument, and the Statue of Liberty.