Golden Delicious Apple

West Virginia State Fruit


Golden delicious apple - photo courtesy of New York Apple Association; © New York Apple Association.

Official State Fruit of West Virginia

West Virginia designated the apple as the official state fruit in 1972 and then amended the resolution in 1995 to specify the golden delicious apple. Anderson Mullins discovered this apple variety in Clay County in 1905 ("Clay County Golden Delicious Festival" celebrates the famous fruit annually since 1972). All State Foods

Many states recognize apples in some form as a state symbol; either "the apple" (New York, Vermont, and Washington); a specific variety of apple (honeycrisp, goldrush apple, Rhode Island greening apple); the apple blossom (flower of Michigan and Arkansas), apple muffin, apple pie, apple cider, or apple festival.

West Virginia


Golden Delicious Apple from West Virginia