Flag of Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Flag


Wisconsin state flag flying in the breeze

Wisconsin state flag flying in the breeze; photo by photo by Adam Fagen on Flickr (noncommercial use permitted with attribution / share alike).

Official State Flag of Wisconsin

The Wisconsin state flag features the state coat of arms on both sides against a field of blue, with the the state name; "WISCONSIN" above and "1848" below (the year Wisconsin was admitted to the Union). The coat of arms, which includes the state motto, is also used on Wisconsin's state sealAll State Flags



Drawing representing Wisconsin; from 1902 book on American history.  Photo by Internet Archive Book Images/Flickr (public domain image).

1902 drawing representing Wisconsin

Wisconsin's coat of arms; displayed on both the Wisconsin flag and state seal.  Photo by Svgalbertian/Wikipedia (public domain image).

Wisconsin official state coat of arms