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Sacajawea Golden Dollar

Wyoming State Coin

Face of Sacajawea golden dollar (source:Wikipedia; copyright restrictions unknown - published here under the principle of fair use (educational / nonprofit).

Official State Coin of Wyoming

Wyoming designated the Sacajawea golden dollar as the official state coin in 2004. Cultural Heritage Symbols

Sacajawea (1788 - 1812) was a Shoshone woman who accompanied and assisted the Lewis and Clark Expedition in their exploration of the Western United States. Sacagawea died at the age of 25; her grave is located in Lander, Wyoming.

Historical details about Sacajawea are extremely limited, but she has become a critical character of the Lewis and Clark expedition in the American public's imagination. In the early twentieth century, the National American Woman Suffrage Association adopted her as a symbol of women's worth and independence.

The Sacagawea golden dollar coin depicts Sacagawea and her son, Jean Baptiste. The face on the coin was modeled after Randy'L He-dow Teton (a modern Shoshone-Bannock woman). SAKAKAWEA historic marker notes the location of her death.