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Flag of Minnesota

Minnesota State Flag

Official State Flag of Minnesota

Minnesota adopted a new state flag on December 19, 2023. It was first raised over the state capitol on Saturday, May 11, 2024 which is also Statehood Day in Minnesota. All State Flags

The dark blue field represents the night sky and shape of the state. The bright blue field represents water. Minnesota is the last of over 10,000 lakes! The 8 point star represents the North Star or "L’étoile du Nord," Minnesota’s state motto.

1957 Flag

Minnesota's previous flag was royal blue with the state seal displayed in the center. Three dates were woven into a wreath surrounding the seal which represent the year of statehood (1858); the year Fort Snelling was established (1819); and the year the original flag was adopted(1893).

Minnesota Flag - 1957

The nineteen stars arranged outside the wreath symbolize the fact that Minnesota was the 19th state to enter the Union after the original thirteen. The largest star represents the North Star and Minnesota.

The state motto on the seal is French, "L’étoile du Nord" meaning "the star of the North" (the basis for Minnesota's nickname as "The North Star State"). The seal has much symbolism:

The sun on the western horizon signifies the flat plains covering much of Minnesota.

The native American on horseback is riding due south and represents the native American heritage of Minnesota.

The tools: the native's horse and spear, and the pioneer’s axe, rifle, and plow represent tools that were used for hunting and labor.

The stump is a symbol of the importance of the lumber industry in Minnesota.

The Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls are depicted to note the importance of these resources in transportation and industry.

The cultivated ground and the plow symbolize the importance of agriculture in Minnesota.

Trees: beyond the falls, three pine trees represent the state tree and the three great pine regions of Minnesota–St. Croix, Mississippi, and Lake Superior.