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Brown Shrimp

Alabama State Crustacean

Brown shrimp - the official state crustacean of Alabama and Texas. Photo by samandla on Flickr (all rights reserved; used by permission).

Official State Crustacean of Alabama

In March of 2015, Alabama designated brown shrimp as the official state crustacean (family Penaeidea, order Descapoda, species Peneaus aztecus). All State Crustaceans

Students from Fairhope Elementary School initiated the adoption of a state crustacean (as they did for the state amphibian and the state fruit of Alabama).

Brown Shrimp Facts

Brown shrimp are also called brownies, green lake shrimp, red shrimp, redtail shrimp, golden shrimp, native shrimp, and summer shrimp.