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Wild Blueberry

Maine State Berry

Wild blueberries; photo by Nadia Prigoda-Lee (the_girl) on Flickr (use permitted with attribution).

Official State Berry of Maine

Maine designated wild blueberry as the official state berry in 1991. Maine also recognized blueberry pie (made with wild blueberries) as the official state dessert in 2011. All State Foods

Wild blueberries are found mostly on hilly and rocky terrain. These delicious native berries were, until recently, harvested exclusively by hand using a special rake invented over 100 years ago by a Mainer (Abijah Tabbutt). Mechanical harvesting methods are now sometimes employed, but the close-tined hand rake will always have a place because of the difficult terrain where many blueberry patches grow. Wild blueberries can be picked from late July to early September in Maine.